Touchstone Companions

We are responding to Jesus’ offer of friendship with love in heart, soul and mind. This friendship transforms our lives to express friendship to the world.

We commit to live, learn and offer spiritual friendship in company with and in accountability to the community of Touchstone Companions through …

Listening Lives:

We listen to God through regular personal prayer, nurturing our friendship with Jesus, and developing an awareness of the presence and movement of God in our lives.

We listen In company with a spiritual friend(s), transparently sharing our journey with Jesus.

We listen to those who come to us with the same friendship we have learned from Jesus and one another.

Active Lives:

We will pray and reflect using a variety of practices and tools.

We will intentionally develop and nurture at least one regular spiritual friendship(s).

We will participate and share our experience with the Companions group so that we can learn from one another.

We will be available in time and stillness for those who approach us for nurture and counsel.

We will creatively seek out new ways to pray, listen, and engage with those who come across our path.

Values We Share

  • Jesus at the Centre – gazing on Jesus together transforms conversations and community.
  • open –to God, to change, to grow, to receive healing and correction, to sharing the mutual journey with Jesus with one or a few others
  • orthodox – we are flexible and accommodating within the context of Scripture and historic faith expressions like the Nicene Creed.
  • safe – for exploring life issues without fear in conversations. Creating the context for offering loving truth and correction.  Confidentiality assured.
  • silence – Regular periods of individual and shared silence nurture our awareness of God’s presence in all of life. “Silence is the language God best understands”.
  • freedom – friendship without any other agenda resists the utilitarian and networking focus for relationships.
  • ancient streams – embracing historic faith practices, many of which pre-date the schisms in the church. Committed to no particular stream but employing the tools of the Benedictine, Franciscan, Jesuit, Celtic, Reformation and diverse Protestant wisdom figures.
  • justice – we gaze on Jesus to see the world through his gaze.