A Simple Way To Pray With a Friend or Small Group

Relax and recognize that we are settling ourselves to be in the presence of God.You are invited to relax and be comfortable and to listen carefully to God’s word, being reminded of Jesus’ assurance: “Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am with them.”All we need to do is relax, listen to a reading and be prepared to share with the group the word or phrase that caught our attention during the readingOur reader will read a scripture passage aloud, slowly and distinctly, with pauses, so that each phrase can sink into us as listeners.Our reader will read it one more time for us. After this reading, there should be a gentle silence.

Then each person is invited to repeat the word or phrase that strikes her/him personally.

After this first round of sharing, the same reader reads the same passage aloud again slowly. (It is a richer listening experience this time because the word each one shared has enriched the passage for the others.)

After this second reading, each person is invited to make an application to him/herself. We invite you to share whatever “nudge” you may have received from the Sprit as a gift to the community of friends.

Our reader will let us hear the same passage a third time.

After this third reading we will be invited to speak aloud, spontaneous prayers directly to the Father or to Jesus or to the Spirit, etc.; e.g., “My God, I am grateful….” Not: “I’d like to tell Jesus….

After all of this, we will be invited to enter into the silence with a grateful heart. This is the time to “taste” the goodness of God among us.

Take the word with you for the rest of the retreat. You may find it becomes a helpful compass point to remind you that you are turned to God and open to him in all things. Repeat it when you need a verbal prompt that this is true.