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This should be a comedy series. We’d rented a place for part of this month to get away for a bit. But the dishwasher didn’t work. A call to the rental agency brought Randy, followed in sequence by Jimmy, Owen … read more

Sorrow & Turmoil (3)

In the 4th century, Lactantius was a spiritual adviser to the Emperor Constantine as the church was becoming established in the political environment. Here is a summary of his advice to Constantine about all people in the light of the … read more

Sorrow and Turmoil (2)

In all the noise of politics it is easy for me to dismiss people with “He’s an idiot”. The new president is a prime example. I find his name calling and bullying distasteful but it turns out I may be … read more

Sorrow & Turmoil

Our fascination with the roiling political scene to the south of us was jarred with the brutal shooting of people at prayer in Quebec City. I was leading a retreat last weekend and the last thing we considered while we … read more

Tech Crazy (2)

“You called on January 9th to request a change of address”, the bank credit card representative said confidently. I had neither called that day nor made that request so the new Scarborough address I now had on my credit record … read more