Sorrow & Turmoil

Our fascination with the roiling political scene to the south of us was jarred with the brutal shooting of people at prayer in Quebec City. I was leading a retreat last weekend and the last thing we considered while we … read more

Tech Crazy (2)

“You called on January 9th to request a change of address”, the bank credit card representative said confidently. I had neither called that day nor made that request so the new Scarborough address I now had on my credit record … read more

Glimpses of Light

Yesterday, an hour before sunrise, I stood outside looking at the sky. It was a blank canvas until a light cloud moved and I saw the hint of a full moon. Moments later a gap opened wider and the moon … read more

Getting back in the flow

The rhythms of life are moving in the right direction – the cold snap has created high and bright skies to lift our spirits. Plans for trips to warm weather help us cope with the cold while the days get … read more

Finally a New Neighbour

Whew! seems to be the feeling as we leave 2016 behind. For many, 2016 was that terrible neighbour who finally moves. We don’t know much about this new 2017 neighbour but we hope he’s better. I enjoyed the celebration welcoming … read more