how we serve: Inside the world of Touchstone

Touchstone provides leaders with a rare opportunity for supportive, spiritual friendships in which they are free to be broken and transparent. Touchstone has freed Norm Allen to explore his own brokenness and relationship with God, and has asked him to share his discoveries with others. In this context, men and women who lead from a place of power and strength can explore their weaknesses, need for God, each other, and moving closer to wholeness and health. Norm may help create the atmosphere for conversation but the most powerful conversations are among the friends as they share their ongoing joys and sorrows in long-term relationship.  Read More


The Power of One-on-One

Norm Allen meets with leaders who may be in crisis, yearning for a contemplative experience or searching for meaningful friendships and connections with like-minded spiritual pilgrims. Each month brings an average of 30 or more appointments ranging from hour-long meetings to full day sessions. Nearly one-third of the leaders who request Norm Allen’s time each month are those leading spiritual organizations, a group that Touchstone has discovered experiences a unique and profound need for spiritual support. This has created a community of conversation among many – Norm is one resource but our community is rich with wise friends who share the grace they have received.

The Power of a Group

Group meetings occur throughout the month at various venues, building an environment of trust, accountability, prayer, worship and support. Touchstone creates safe friendship-nurturing groups who meet regularly in a confidential environment to encourage each other in the journey to authenticity and spiritual health. Norm Allen hosts, visits and encourages groups, launching them on the path to becoming a safe place for deepening the spiritual lives of the leaders who meet together.


Retreats Away From Daily Responsibilities

Touchstone also hosts an average of 15 spiritual retreats annually. The key measurement for the health of a group is the conversations that occur among members when the group is not meeting – that is where real confidences and support are shared. Retreats are a time of being removed from noises of daily responsibilities - to share with friends, relax, receive teaching, enjoy quiet contemplation, to hear the voice of God.