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Touchstone is a loosely linked community focused on offering, encouraging and teaching friendship in Christ to leaders in the business, political, arts and spiritual marketplaces. read more

Apologies Confuse Me

Our Prime Minister became a veritable machine gun of apologies last week after an incident that shed very little positive light on both sides of the House of Commons. Our political loyalties shaped our reaction to the apologies. We either … read more

“Blocks to Nurture”

I was watching a squirrel wriggling on a pole below a birdfeeder. He was trying to get at the mixture of grains, seeds and nuts but a clear plastic shield beneath the feeder blocked his access. He could see the … read more

80,000 Internally Displaced People

While I am enjoying the greening of the countryside as spring’s warmth and renewal emerges, fire and smoke fill the skies of Alberta. Thousands are on the move, leaving behind valued goods, property and memories. They don’t know whether they … read more

The Odometer Keeps Rolling Over

It tells you about my age and stage when I speak of an odometer “turning over” – not sure what to call the digital version’s progression. Yesterday was my umpteenth birthday. According to Wikipedia it’s also celebrated as May Day … read more