Welcome to Touchstone

Touchstone is a loosely linked community focused on offering, encouraging and teaching friendship in Christ to leaders in the business, political, arts and spiritual marketplaces. read more

Summer Prayers

Cottages, campfires, boats, barbecues, beverages, friends and family – life giving ingredients we keenly anticipate in our short Canadian summer. But Jesus promises more – as our inner life is nurtured our vision for the world around us is enriched. … read more

Beauty Beneath the Surface

The lake was like a mirror, reflecting the brightness and warmth of the sun on a June Saturday morning. My retreat companions and I were quietly reflecting on stories from Jesus’ life and I was standing on a weathered dock … read more

Tangled up in Love

In this highly competitive world we compete for attention, recognition, market share, position and power – and the list goes on. Sometimes it feels like we also compete for love and friendship – comparing our relationships, to our detriment. The … read more

Seeing in the Fog

After two days of beautiful warmth and sunshine the third day of a recent retreat took a turn towards chilly rain, mist and fog. I had sent us all away for 90 minutes of silent reflection on a story from … read more