Later today I’ll be at Orangeville’s cenotaph at the eleventh hour on this eleventh day of the eleventh month to join with our community in observing Remembrance Day. We’ll each have our own particular reasons to be there. I’ll be … read more

Chased – by Beauty & Love

On a recent walk with friends, the conversation turned to medically prescribed meditation to manage stress – not medication! One of our friends told how helpful this had been for her in being “mindful” about life’s events. Where this connects … read more


One of my favourite Gospel stories tells of Jesus cooking and serving a shore lunch for his disciples. Gritty, hungry fishermen hold out their hands to receive bread and fish from Jesus’ scarred hands. After his resurrection Jesus took an … read more

A Flash of Red

The deep, radiant red of the maple leaf on the coffee table focused our thoughts. “Do you have any idea how much creative energy it took for this one leaf to be on the side of my road?” We’d spent … read more

Dutiful & Grateful

A few months shy of my fifth birthday I became an “older brother” with duty and responsibility as the key expectations.  Whether by nature or nurture I continue to have the mix of qualities associated with this accident of birth … read more