Street Corners

When asked his location a man in a phone booth looks out and says “I’m at the corner of Telephone & Telephone” – it’s a sad old joke. Some younger friends may even say “What’s a telephone booth? Some of … read more

Picture of God

Here’s an old chestnut. A little kid hunched over her paper says “I’m drawing a picture of God”. Told that no one knows what God looks like, she replies “They will now”. We all have different pictures of God in … read more

Life’s Relentless Pace

Callused carpenter’s hands gently rolled the scroll while his eyes scanned the page for the exact words to describe his mission to his hometown. This picture has stayed with me for most of this last week. Almighty God doing this … read more


The voice of the car’s GPS woman interjects when I make a creative move enroute to my destination. The computer has to adjust to new realities. It’s the day after Labour Day and it has some of that same feel … read more