Musical Holy Longing (2)

Earlier this month Susan and I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario to experience two exhibitions; Small Wonders and Mystical Landscapes. Last week I chatted about 21st century Leonard Cohen and this week it is 14th and 19th century … read more

Civility and yard waste bags

Last week, hundreds of brown paper yard waste bags were lined up in military precision down both sides of our street. This replaces my fond childhood memory of leaf smoke as we made them disappear in bonfires. Now we rake … read more

“All Downhill From Here”

Our town had its first snowfall last week, the days are getting shorter and there is Christmas product at Costco. I’m hearing these lines from a Lyle Lovett album; I’ve had an excellent time so far, There’s only one thing … read more

A Fleeting Burst of Colour

Last Wednesday I drove back roads for a retreat with friends in Muskoka. The roadsides and horizon lines were awash in fiery reds, rich golds and yellows. As I sat on the cottage deck in quiet prayer a tree glowed … read more