Hospitality Season

This has been the season of “hospitality” for Touchstone. The creating and receiving of hospitality among friends on retreats, in our home, on walks and golf games, memorial events and meals. Helping to create an atmosphere of hospitality for God among us has also been a key part of a rich recipe of nourishment and encouragement.

 The next couple of months are also a time where the giving and receiving of hospitality gets ramped up – the barbecues fire up and the doors to our homes and even our lives become more open. Something about sunshine, blue skies and warm temperatures gets us more out in the open and relaxed with one another.

 It’s also a great opportunity as we open ourselves to one another to open ourselves to the God we see revealed in one another, creation and the stories of God’s work among us in scripture. If you’d like, click the link for our annual “Prayers for Deck & Dock” to offer some ideas for encouraging this in your own life.

 It happens I’ve entitled it Rainy Day Prayers because my description of sunny days may be a bit optimistic. Also, for those of you who snipe at me (in love of course) that you have neither deck nor dock please accept it as the limited metaphor that it is and pray in whatever environment you find yourself. Hospitality is expressed in many and various ways and places.

 You will also see another one of our podcasts this month so go to our website or iTunes Podcasts (On Further Reflection with Norm Allen) and enjoy some thoughts on prayer that may be helpful in your own quiet moments of reflection.

 As always, we are grateful for your continuing companionship in this work. Your friendship, prayers, work and financial support keep us energized to serve our constituency of ever-expanding circles of friendship in Christ.      

With Jesus’ joy


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