Colour your World

September 4, 2018


“You are quite adept at setting aside God’s command so that you may keep your own tradition.”

The lamp of the body is the eye. Thus if your eye be pure your entire body will be radiant.”    (Mark 7:9, Matthew 7:22 The New Testament D. Bentley Hart )


Colour your world

Sharpening a new pack of coloured pencils was my “back to school” habit. They had to be “Laurentian”. I don’t remember what grade that stopped but it is a memory I have as Labour day ends. Colouring is still an occasional part of my leisure, but I now have better quality tools.

We colour our world and respond to the colours around us as light reflects from what we are viewing.  Jesus was very keen on light and how it reflects what colours our world. He encountered traditions that “in God’s name” were adept at teaching people to miss God’s light of truth, mercy and justice.

We too can be adept at living out values with which we are comfortable but may not be the best. Listening quietly to the heart of the Father as he reveals himself in our lives becomes ever more important as we are surrounded by never ending supplies of screens and stimuli which can stifle true light.

We need eyes open to the light of God and the needs of the world to take us to the heart of the Father.

A Prayer for Today

O God, you know how easily words come to express my faith, but I want them to come from a heart that is close to yours. Jesus, you cared about the heart of the person not just the heart of the issues. Transform us daily that our lives have your light …. For Jesus’ sake