Faith News


 Jesus came into Galilee, proclaiming the good tidings of God: …. “The Kingdom of God has drawn near; change your hearts and have faith in the good tidings.”

 (Mark 1:14,15   D. Bentley Hart)

 Faith News

 Sadly, I’m a news and politics junkie. The addiction isn’t so bad that I need an external intervention but an internal one is definitely called for. Which is really an external one as well because it is the Spirit that needs to go to work.

 It strikes me that we need a refresher in this heart change business that creates faith in good tidings. It is too easy to be a materialist, mechanical and lose my sense of wonder at the good news – grace, mercy, peace, “God with us”.

 A close encounter with GOOD TIDINGS is what I need to change my heart toward faith. Both words are important. Good: beneficial, promoting goodness, justice. Tidings: a refreshing way to understand the world.

 This isn’t an escape from reality but embracing the fact that things are difficult and broken. The need for the God who comes to us in Jesus is as important now as it was when he spoke in a human voice.

 A Prayer for Today

Loving God, You know how easy it is for us to be cynical and to lose our sense of wonder.  Guide us toward heart change that creates faith in your good words. Fill us with the good tidings of love, mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation …. For Jesus’ sake.