Respiration in the Cosmos

May 13, 2019


 Do not be amazed because I have told you it is necessary for you to be born from above. The spirit respires where it will, and you hear its sound but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes; such is everyone born of the Spirit.”

(John 3:7,8 The New Testament: A Translation. Yale University Press.)

 Respiration in the Cosmos

 “There’s a whole lotta respiration goin’ on” (with apologies to Jerry Lee Lewis). We are well into Spring growth - grass and dandelions compete for attention, foliage is filling out the trees, plants are poking up testing the air.

 The unseen force is the respiration of the plants as they process water, nutrients and light. Looking out at the healthy trees this morning I can’t see the respiration. There is some breathing life force in nature that causes it to be born again from the dormancy of winter.

 “There’s a whole lotta respiration goin’ on” in the realm of the Spirit. Jesus said today’s gospel quote to Nicodemus, a nervous but open religious professional. He was pushing him outside his comfort zone of easily identified and measured religious practice – which Jesus saw in wintry dormancy.

 Your life and mine need regular respiration that causes us to be born again out of wintry dormancy. It’s not always obvious, it’s hard to measure. But the fruit of love and justice produced is its evidence.

 A Prayer

O Life-Breathing God, help us to get in sync with your creative and recreative processes. Don’t let us be dormant and cold. Warm us by your love and breathe in us hearts that will love and follow you.… For Jesus’ sake