Liberating Dormant Music

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned my new turntable and rediscovering old albums that had been on a shelf for 30 years. The sounds had lain dormant in the vinyl tracks for years and came back to life with … read more

Spirit Cloud Computing

At a dinner in Ottawa last week, the fellow next to me and I were discussing an issue of social justice. He was interested in a reference I made to an African author. Out popped my phone and in seconds … read more

Gravel Music

The rhythmic crunch of my feet on the gravel road was my musical companion as I walked. One step followed another – a lot like life. We often walk alone, sometimes ahead as leaders and frequently alongside as friends and … read more

Songs in the Key of Life

The sounds of Stevie Wonder’s album from 40 years ago brightened up our life again this week. It was the first album I pulled from our dusty LP collection to play on my new birthday turntable. The sounds had lain … read more