Spirit Cloud Computing

At a dinner in Ottawa last week, the fellow next to me and I were discussing an issue of social justice. He was interested in a reference I made to an African author. Out popped my phone and in seconds … read more

Gravel Music

The rhythmic crunch of my feet on the gravel road was my musical companion as I walked. One step followed another – a lot like life. We often walk alone, sometimes ahead as leaders and frequently alongside as friends and … read more

Songs in the Key of Life

The sounds of Stevie Wonder’s album from 40 years ago brightened up our life again this week. It was the first album I pulled from our dusty LP collection to play on my new birthday turntable. The sounds had lain … read more

100 Days – 50 Days?

There has been lots of noise about the first 100 days of a new administration- the name and location escape me but the noise is persistent. It has got me thinking about this post-Easter season and the new administration that … read more

Stumbling Toward the Light

  This last week as we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection, I’ve been thinking about how confusing and mind-blowing this event was for Jesus’ first learning group. It took them weeks to get their heads around this death defeating action. Some of … read more