Sorrow & Turmoil (3)

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice. (Proverbs 31:8,9 NLT)

Sorrow & Turmoil (3)
In the 4th century, Lactantius was a spiritual adviser to the Emperor Constantine as the church was becoming established in the political environment. Here is a summary of his advice to Constantine about all people in the light of the Gospel.

There is one God who gave being and life to all, who wished us all to be equal, and to be alike in our moral dignity as we are in our moral inadequacies. Human beings had the same terms of life, and an equal longing for eternal fellowship. No one was excluded from the benefits of heaven, or from a place in the daylight. It was the one power that nurtured the earth for the benefit of all, and sustained us, not as slave or master, but as free and worthy. Within the divine providence, no one was exempt from the obligations of the moral life or from its privileges. (Disciples for All Nations. Lamen Sanneh. pp212-213)

We have strayed a long way from that vision. I love the line; “No one was excluded from the benefits of heaven, or from a place in the daylight.” We know that we must go deep in the darkness sometimes to find the light, but the light is there for us all.

A Prayer for Today
Gentle God, your heart is warmly and kindly disposed to us all, regardless of status or power. Your earth is broken with the inequities of life but you long for us to take responsibility for what we can change and kindly share what we have. Help us be and do what you
would . ... for Jesus’ sake